Linda Minnick

Certified LifeMastery Consultant

Phone: 678-367-3459
Linda  Minnick

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality...

As a Certified LifeMastery Consultant, Linda Minnick can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.

I have been studying the principles of living a dynamic life for years. It wasn’t until engaging with Mary Morrissey that I was able to truly understand and easily apply them to my life. The results were and continue to be life changing. With Mary’s encouragement and support, I have committed to a life-long desire of helping others live their lives at their fullest.

As a business professional, certified trainer and entrepreneur, I have been presenting the power of creating your own life in various fashions to individuals, groups and national stages for over 25 years but not at this level. I am excited to be able to assist others in this process of transformational coaching that has taken me from a life of wishing to a life of being.

You deserve to live at your fullest potential. Don’t wake up tomorrow to live the same life you lived yesterday. Wake up to enjoy every day as a new possibility . . . the possibility of living every moment in joy, prosperity and contentment . . . the life you truly desire.